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Published May 1, 2017 on Pilot Jobs

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Envoy Air recently featured one of their new First Officers in an interesting article in the Women with Wings section of The article featured a student who chose to be an airline pilot, rather than the field she was training for in college, and follow in the footsteps of some very talented aviators in her family. IMG_WWW_Sara_StClair-3-400x267

Growing up a horse-riding rodeo-roping self-proclaimed “guy’s girl,” Sara St. Clair is the perfect vision of a woman tackling a male-dominated profession like commercial aviation. Only the Atlanta-native doesn’t see herself as a social justice warrior, but, rather, she sees herself as the best human possible for the job. The decision to become a professional pilot began in 2014 when Sara’s pilot cousin took her on a discovery flight. “I loved it,” says Sara. “I thought to myself, why wouldn’t I want this to be my office every day?” Bit by the aviation bug, Sara began flight training at ATP Flight School in Jacksonville, Fla., and soon moved on to a position as a Flight Instructor. At first, Sara says she was “blindsided” by all the rules and technical jargon, but persisted to learn it all.


Inspired by her aunt who retired as a Senior Captain on the Boeing 767 and Director of Flight Safety for a major airline, Sara realizes that in the airline industry “if you’re good enough you can get to the top.”

Sara has successfully achieved her goal of becoming an airline pilot and the road there began with a discovery flight. On that flight, she realized that she was capable of becoming an airline pilot and that her goal was indeed achievable. Once the decision was made, she began by joining the flight training academy with a proven record of training pilots to achieve their career goals. If you are interested in a lucrative and exciting career as an airline pilot you should know that it is attainable. Schedule yourself for a discovery flight of your own with ATP and begin on your own career path to flying for an airline.

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