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Published Aug 31, 2018 on Pilot Jobs

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We genuinely enjoy training hundreds of pilots who pass through our ATP-CTP course at ATP-JETS every month. They all have interesting stories to tell about their journey through flight training and are excited about flying the line for their airlines. Recently one particularly interesting pilot came to ATP-JETS for ATP-CTP training before beginning his career at Envoy Air, his name is Swayne Martin. Many of us had heard of Swayne prior to his arrival here as Swayne is a YouTube celebrity who has shared his videos about his flight training and flying career with millions of viewers, including many of us at ATP. We were excited to hear that Swayne wanted to produce a video about his experience going through ATP-CTP training at ATP-JETS to add to his collection on YouTube and here it is. Swayne is a good example of the multi-dimensional people who are answering the call for new airline pilots to start careers flying for the airlines. Airlines have made changes to their pay scales and work rules to make a career flying for the airlines very attractive. You can begin an exciting career with the airlines by training with the flight school famous for training pilots in the airline tradition and sending them to start lucrative careers flying for the best airlines in the world: ATP. Call today to schedule an Introduction Flight to discover the thrill of flying, and you can make flying your career too.

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