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Why Pilots are Important

Published Mar 8, 2011 on Pilot Jobs

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I recently came across this video that tells the story of a Quantas A380 on a flight from Singapore to Sydney Australia. On this particular flight, one of the new Rolls Royce engines on the world’s largest airliner exploded and sent huge fragments of the flaming hot engine through the wing and undercarriage of the aircraft. The resulting damage caused system after system to fail on the airliner and the subsequent in-flight emergency far exceeded any airline training that could be given to the pilots in preparation. They had to rely on their most basic training and the experience it allowed them to realize. This video shows how the pilots managed to land the maimed Airbus safely with no injuries to the passengers or crew. The Value of Pilots This is why the pilots are one of the most important components on any aircraft. Computers can’t think their way through the many problems presented the crew that day, and their training allowed them to calmly think their way through the many problems and react in an exemplary fashion. It is extremely important, if you desire to be a professional pilot, that you get the best, most focused and seamless fundamental flight training available. This strong fundamental training will allow you build a career on it for decades and allow you to achieve incredible career goals such as a Airline Captain or First Officer who does the right thing when called on.

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