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What Has Caused the Present Shortage of Pilots in the US?

Published Mar 28, 2014 on Pilot Jobs

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The discussion about the current shortage of qualified commercial pilots applying to the Regional Airlines for flying jobs has become loud and contentious. I recently saw an excellent video explanation of all the reasons for the pilot shortage explained calmly, simply and accurately. In the video, airline analyst Helane Becker explains the shortage to Bloomberg TV's "Market makers". Ms. Becker explains the details of forced Pilot retirements coming up over the next ten years. She also touches on the affect of new work rules and rest requirements that have forced the airline industry to hire thousands of extra pilots in order to comply. She also explains the projected growth of the airline industry worldwide, pilots from the US flying for foreign airlines overseas, low first year pay for airline pilots and the cost of flight training. In short, Ms. Baker makes valid arguments and suggestions about what the airline industry can do to change the present pilot shortage and is very informative. I would recommend watching it for anyone looking for an unbiased explanation of the problem.

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