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Trans States Airlines offering a $10,000 Signing Bonus

Published Apr 10, 2015 on Pilot Jobs

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Airlines continue to struggle to fill the cockpits of their aircraft and in response Trans States Airlines has joined other airlines in offering a substantial signing bonus to those pilots willing to fly for them instead of another airline. Trans States Airlines (TSA) has announced that they are now offering a $10,000 signing bonus to qualified First Officer candidates. This raises the adjusted first-year pay at TSA to approximately $34,000. We have placed all of the recruiting incentives offered by the airlines in an updated chart where you can see the trend for airlines to try and attract pilots by offering large bonuses to offset first year pay, which had been considered low before the airlines began making improvements. The demand for new airline pilots entering the industry has never been greater and neither has the opportunity been greater to begin a rewarding career as an airline pilot. The quickest and most direct path to an airline career is available by training with the flight school with the most success in helping pilots achieve their career goals. Can you imagine yourself flying for the airlines? You can get there, and ATP can show you how.

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