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Published Oct 31, 2014 on Pilot Jobs

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ATP has been training pilots preparing for their first airline job for nearly a decade. Our Regional Jet Program focuses on making a successful transition to new hire training. We have sent over 425 pilots to the airlines in the last twelve months, thousands over the last ten years, and they have done exceptionally well in new-hire training. We achieve this kind of success by first giving our students career counseling and guidance. Once we agree on how to achieve our pilots career goals, we begin by enrolling them in the Regional Jet Program. We use high quality CRJ flight training devices as a platform to prepare each pilot to keep up with the fast-paced training programs they will soon be entering. Once a pilot has completed the Regional Jet Program, we will arrange job interviews with the airlines you are interested in using Then we will help you prepare for the interviews. Using this approach, we have had 100% success for years. In the RJ Program, we do a lot more than teach a pilot about modern aircraft systems and how to navigate in the modern glass cockpit. We spend much of our time teaching how to become a good crew member and fly in the crew-based environment in which they will train and work. We cover everything from the home-study phase of preparing for new-hire training, the company indoctrination (Indoc) phase, systems ground school and of course the simulator sessions where you will earn your ATP and Type-rating in the aircraft you are training to fly. If you are a pilot who is returning just entering the airline industry, it is important that you are well prepared and successful. Training for success in our RJ Program will give you the experience, skill and resources you will need to make a good first impression on your airline's training department. Imagine your confidence level the first time you step into the simulator and know that you can already execute the checklists, program the Flight Management Computer, start the engines, perform a flawless takeoff, shoot coupled or hand-flown approaches in the jet and even land from a visual approach. Training in ATP’s Regional Jet Program will help you succeed and is an insurance policy that protects your investment in flight training up to this point. Get there first and insure success by training in ATP's Regional Jet Program.

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