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The Most Asked Airline Technical Interview Questions

Published Jan 22, 2009 on Pilot Jobs

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ATP Alumni often pass along interview questions to us that they have been asked during the Technical Interview section of an airline interview. We have compiled these questions, and these are the questions most often asked.


  • What is a MOCA?
  • What is a MEA?
  • What does RVR mean?
  • What is a Compulsory Reporting Point?
  • What is a FAF?
  • What determines when you go missed approach on an ILS?
  • Where is the final approach fix on an ILS?


  • What is Virga?
  • What is a Microburst?
  • What are the four types of structural icing?
  • What is a Convective Sigmet and what does it cover?
  • How far should you fly from a thunderstorm for safety?
  • What is a METAR?
  • What does BR mean in a METAR?


  • What is Vmc?
  • How does CG affect Vmc?
  • What makes an airplane stall?
  • What is P factor?
  • Where is bleed air taken from?


  • What are the Part 121 Duty Time Regulations? (8 hours per 24 hour period/30 per week/ 100 per month/100 per year)
  • At what altitude are you required to have DME equipment?
  • What do you need to be current ( 3 take offs & landings etc.)?
  • What altitude do you fly when you have lost communications?
  • What is the minimum altitude you can fly over a congested area?
  • What is the Max airspeed in Class B airspace?
  • What are the cloud clearance requirements in Class B?
  • What are the IFR altitudes above FL 290 for an aircraft heading between 0 and 179 degrees?
  • Flashing red light gun signal while flying means what?
  • What period of time do you have to report an accident to the FAA?
  • What is the maximum holding airspeed at 3000 MSL?
  • What is the maximum airspeed in Class C?

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