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The Pilot Shortage, a Developing National Crisis

Published Mar 16, 2017 on Pilot Jobs

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Air Force General Carlton D. Everhart II is commander of the Air Mobility Command at Scott Air Force Base in Illinois. He recently wrote an article for in which he ties the pilot shortage in the military with the airline’s pilot shortage. 141 Starlifter

“Our nation expects a great deal from its military, but it comes at a cost. Air Mobility Command -- the organization responsible for airlift, aerial refueling, aeromedical evacuation, and enroute support -- is constantly faced with challenges testing the resilience of our airmen. Commercial airlines are projected to be short 16,000 pilots by 2020. The math demonstrates the challenge is not looming, it is here. The time to find solutions is now. This is a national problem with real security implications. As a result of new safety regulations, increased experience requirements, and attrition through commercial airline pilot retirement, experienced aviators are in high demand. The need for skilled military and civilian pilots will put us in an unfortunate and natural competition with our industry partners -- not a good position for either party!”

The pilot shortage threatening both civilian and military aviation can only be solved by attracting talented people away from less rewarding careers and showing them how to begin a career as an airline pilot. The airlines are offering incentives to make the airline lifestyle very lucrative and appealing. The most direct path to a career flying for the airlines, as has been proven over the last three decades of training pilots to fly professionally, is to begin flight training now with ATP. Once you’ve made it to that cockpit seat, you will see that seniority will mean everything to you. Get there ahead of your competition by training with the ATP.

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