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SkyWest Airlines and ATP Sign Up for New Bridge Program

Published Apr 25, 2013 on Pilot Jobs

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SkyWest Airlines and ATP have partnered together to provide ATP pilots for SkyWest’s new Bridge Program. The Bridge Program provides unique opportunities for ATP pilots to be hired as SkyWest employees and continue to instruct at ATP until they have enough flight time to qualify to fly for SkyWest. SkyWest will be flying ATP Instructors positive space to Salt Lake City based on ATP's recommendations. While there, SkyWest will provide an orientation for the Instructors, as well as finger printing and drug screening. SkyWest will also take employee photos and provide the new SkyWest employees with their Employee IDs. The orientation will serve as the date of hire for the new employees, and they will retain that Date of Hire while they are in the Bridge Program. They will also have travel benefits on SkyWest’s network while they are in the Program. "The aviation industry has been working to try to solve concerns about hiring shortages for qualified candidates," said Vice President, Jim Koziarski. "As a provider of training for over 4200 pilots each year, ATP is uniquely able to consistently supply airlines qualified candidates. This program can help partner airlines develop stability in their pilot sourcing and provides a direct path to success for ATP customers in their professional aviation careers." ATP continues to expand its working relationship with airlines, many of whom have selected ATP as a preferred training provider to build their pilot pipelines with the best training available in the fastest time possible. Pilot placements are coordinated and managed through ATP’s online recruiting tool Free to all pilots seeking airline employment, helps airlines visualize the pilot pipeline and access real time pilot qualification data.

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