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SkyWest Airlines Begins to Offer Signing Bonus

Published Mar 13, 2015 on Pilot Jobs

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SkyWest Airlines has for the first time in the airline’s history begun to offer a signing bonus of $7,500 to qualified pilots hired to come fly for them. SkyWest has joined other regional airlines in offering a bonus to attract or retain pilots in the face of the most extreme shortage of airline pilots in the history of the airline industry. ATP has placed all of these recruiting incentives offered by the airlines in an updated chart and if you view it you can see the developing trend for airlines to try and attract pilots who otherwise might sign to fly for one of their competitors by offering large bonuses to offset first year pay, which historically has been considered low. At least one airline, Endeavor Air, has offered a large retention bonus to their pilots to entice them to stay with Endeavor as opposed to leaving for other higher paying positions at other airlines. These signing bonus and retention programs are a boon for pilots just becoming qualified to start flying in the industry. One thing is for certain. Once the decision is made to pursue a career flying for the airlines, the quickest, most cost-efficient and most proven path to flying for the airline industry begins with calling ATP for details on how you can begin a lucrative career flying for the airlines.

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