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Second Airline in a Week Announces Recall of Furloughed Pilots

Published Feb 9, 2009 on Pilot Jobs

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American Airlines became the second airline this week to announce that they will be recalling furloughed pilots. A spokesman for American said the pilots were being recalled to fly new aircraft being added to its fleet, new routes being added to its schedule and to replace pilots who are retiring.

A spokesperson for the Allied Pilots Association, the union representing American’s Pilots, said, “This week, American Airlines management announced the creation of a second pilot recall class for the month of March. An initial recall group of 39 pilots will begin Feb. 11 and will now be followed by a group of 10 pilots on March 4 and another group of seven pilots on March 18. An additional 15 pilots have been recalled, but will be placed on military leave of absence.”

Over 220 furloughed pilots have been recalled this week from these two airlines.

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