500 Hours TT                 300 Days

ATP Grads at Airlines

Road-Map From Student to Airline Pilot

Published Apr 7, 2014 on Pilot Jobs

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I travel around the United States talking with all kinds of people who are interested in aviation. Some of the most enjoyable conversations are with people who want to fly airplanes for a living, and are looking for answers to their questions about how to get there. When I am asked these questions I often refer to a road-map that I drew up to show that a career in aviation can be achieved, and that we know how you can do it and I want to share it with you: Career Paths for ATP Students

Path                        Days from Start                    Links

Private                            65 Days                         Private

Multi-engine                     85 Days                         Multi-Engine

Instrument                      125 Days                        Instrument

Republic Interview           130 Days                        Republic

Commercial                    155 Days                        Commercial

CFI/MEI/CFII                  180 Days                         CFI/MEI/II

Hired at ATP                   185 Days                         Instructor

SkyWest EIP                                                         SkyWest

500 Hours TT                 300 Days

Could go to Great Lakes/Sierra West/Air Choice One/Star Marianis

750 Hours TT                 385 Days/1 Yr-1 Mo

Could go to PlaneSense

600 Hours of Dual given for ATP                             RJ Program

RJ Program free

1000 hours TT                480 Days/1 Yr-4 Months

Could go to Ameriflight/Cape Air

1200 Hours TT               555 Days/1 Yr-6 Months

Reach minimums for Part 135 PIC  

1500 Hours TT                665 Days/1 Year-10 Months

Reach minimums for ATP/Part 121

Hired!                                                                   Airline Job

By an ATP-associated Regional Airline at Republic/SkyWest/American Eagle/ExpressJet/GoJet/Mesa/PSA/TSA/CommutAir/Piedmont/Endeavor/Compass/Air Wisconsin/Seaborne/Horizon/Endeavor

2-3 Years at Regional Airline – upgrade to Regional Captain

4-5 Years at Regional Airline - go to Major Airline as F.O.

10 years as Major Airline F.O. – upgrade to Major Airline Captain

Age 65 – Retire after Multi-million dollar career

There is room in aviation for all types of career paths. No matter which one makes your pulse quicken, training with ATP is the fastest and surest way to get there.

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