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Research Shows Aviation Prepares a Person For Any Career

Published Nov 10, 2015 on Pilot Jobs

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Researchers recently published a study titled "Flying Into Your Perfect Career: Why Millennial Pilots are Positioned for Success". The study illustrates that many of the same skill-sets sought-after by Fortune 500 companies are the same skill-sets taught and learned in aviation settings such as ATP’s. “Given the dynamic nature of the job market and rising costs, aviation programs have to articulate the value of pilot training beyond just fulfilling a passion for flight,” states Nick Abate Director of Marketing and Analytics at Brown Aviation Lease. “The value has always been there, but until recently we haven’t had strong data to support the argument. With this latest piece of analysis, we hope to arm the industry with real data that proves what millennials learn in the cockpit can be used beyond the confines of aviation.” The skills that the study refers to are self-confidence, communication, managing uncertainty, problem solving and adaptability, which any well trained pilot will agree are traits learned and sharpened in flight training and in the cockpit of an aircraft. The modern workplace demands skills that are not necessarily limited to job-specific skills, but is better suited for those that possess core skills necessary to succeed in any industry, such as the skills mentioned above. There are many examples of well-trained pilots who have applied these core skills to the business environment such as Michael Bloomberg (Bloomberg LP), Steve Wozniak (Apple)and Larry Ellison (Oracle). All of these leaders have admittedly been taught the skills to be successful in life, in the cockpit and in the boardroom. Many of those skills, and the lessons that taught them, were acquired in cockpits and ground-schools such as those offered by ATP. Training with ATP will set you on the path to a successful career in the airlines, and possibly beyond. When the skills you seek are important to a successful career, begin with the company with the time proven record of success; train with ATP.

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