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Republic Airways Pilots Approve New Contract: Next Challenge is Hiring Pilots

Published Nov 5, 2015 on Pilot Jobs

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More than 2,100 pilots who fly for Republic Airlines and Shuttle America, both owned by holding company Republic Airways, approved a new union contract which places them among the highest paid regional pilot groups in the country. Republic's recently approved contract should help because it raises first-year First Officer pay by 74% to $40 per flight hour, which is approximately $40,000 per year. The new contract also allows for senior pilot’s pay rates to increase to become par with the highest paid pilots in the regional airline industry. Republic Airways' fleet is scheduled to grow by about 10% over the next two years. This places even more pressure on Republic’s pilot recruiters over the course of 2015 and 2016. Republic, like every airline in the world, needs new pilots soon. In order to be successful Republic needs to hire and train enough pilots to fill its current vacancies, but also to offset ongoing attrition and prepare for growth. Republic has a long history of relying on ATP to provide the best trained pilots entering the regional airlines today. These ATP trained pilots are well on their way to achieving their career goals of flying for the major or legacy airlines in a relatively short time. These pilots made the correct choice in choosing their source for the best Airline Career Pilot focused flight training available. They did their due diligence, and when they were satisfied that they knew enough to make the right decision they chose to train with ATP. The decision was too important to trust any other institution. ATP has a 30 year history of providing aspiring airline pilots rock-solid flight training that gives them the best chance of beginning a well-paid career flying for the airlines. Your career is important too. When success matters the most, choose to train with ATP.

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