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Pilots and Airline Recruiters Meet at Job Fair

Published Apr 16, 2012 on Pilot Jobs

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Over 500 airline pilots, as well as those aspiring to be one, met face to face with Airline Recruiters eager to hire them to fly for their respective airlines in Las Vegas this past Friday. FltOps founder Louis Smith and his staff headed by FltOps VP Judy Tarver kept the large crowd moving from one airline to the next in a calm organized fashion as always. Several carriers from overseas were also in attendance and their recruiters were kept very busy by the large turnout of pilots. As we have mentioned many times here before, the airline industry is growing globally and the pilot shortage has already reached disastrous proportions overseas so recruiters from Europe, the Middle East, China, India, Asia and the Pacific Rim are all coming to hire commercial pilots from the US. These foreign carriers offer lucrative compensation packages that lure thousands of US pilots overseas, making the pilot shortage here in the US more acute. The Regional Airlines were also well represented at the job fair, with recruiters greeting long lines of pilots wishing to fly for the regional industry at home in the US. We had a chance to meet with all of these recruiters, some of them long time acquaintances as well as some that are new to their positions, and the request heard from all of them was “we need pilots and we need them now.” ATP’s Regional Jet Program is one that all of these recruiters know and appreciate, and promises were made to deliver as many graduates as we can get though our program and onto where they can be easily recruited by any of the airlines that frequent that useful resource. The action was frenetic throughout the day and as the last pilot’s resume was collected, the recruiters gathered to talk about what a successful job fair this had been, as well as share their collective concern about attracting new pilots into their cockpits and exciting and fulfilling airline careers. It was well worth the trip for all who attended.

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