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Published Apr 5, 2011 on Pilot Jobs

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For decades aspiring airline pilots have looked for ways to keep their professional profiles in front of recruiters for the airlines that they hope to fly for. These attempts were focused on various traditional hiring aids from companies offering notebooks of printed information about how to apply to various airlines, to more internet-assisted efforts to get a good flying job. Things have changed again for the better as a completely new approach to getting good flying jobs has recently been introduced and has become a game changer in pilot recruiting. was introduced last month and has quickly been put into use by several airlines, with more signing on to use the new recruiting tool weekly. allows airlines to track and recruit pilots all the way through their flight-training from the beginning to advanced jet training and beyond. Pilot Pool Airline Recruiting ToolAs the airlines find it harder to recruit qualified pilots to fill their new-hire ground school classes, which they are beginning to experience now, they will rely more extensively on’s ability to not only show a snapshot of a pilot’s current status, but also a projection of when the pilot will meet their hiring standards. This will allow airlines to focus their recruiting efforts six to nine months in advance of when they have been able to begin in the past. It will become essential for the Regional Airlines to reach out and establish recruiting relationships with pilots as they progress through training, and these relationships will also greatly benefit the pilots using Pilot Pool Airline Recruiting ToolBuilding that recruiting relationship from the pilot’s perspective will be even more important then it is now. will allow pilots to be actively recruited by the upper echelon of Regional Airlines as opposed to being forced to fly for less successful operations with the lowest hiring minimums. In the end works to the advantage of airline recruiters as it becomes more difficult to recruit qualified pilots. Most importantly, works to the advantage of the pilots using the service as they will have the attention of recruiters from the different airlines which will be competing for their resumes.

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