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Pilot Shortage Affecting Air Cargo Airlines Also

Published Jun 14, 2016 on Pilot Jobs

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The internet has become a very popular and convenient place to shop, and is responsible for the rapid increase in packages of all sizes being delivered worldwide every day. The resulting surge in e-commerce shipments has caused a rapid expansion of air-cargo airlines and a shortage of pilots to fly for them. The current shortage of pilots in the regional airlines, and the lengths that the airlines are going to when recruiting new pilots, has been discussed and written about for some time. Additionally, the pilot shortage is affecting the air cargo carriers so much that it has slowed the once-bustling conversion of airliners to freighters as even large air cargo airlines have faced difficulty hiring crews to pilot their aircraft. The situation is expected to worsen with large numbers of pilots from the baby boomer generation heading towards retirement. “We have a serious crisis going on in our industry,” warned Regional Air Cargo Carriers Association (RACCA) chairman and Empire Airlines chief executive Tim Komberec. “There’s much debate about the pilot shortage in the United States and in the world, but there is absolutely no doubt that at our level – where we perform, where we recruit pilots from and where we are on the food chain – we have an extremely serious problem and it has taken on crisis proportions.” Flying for the popular air cargo airlines is just one of the many opportunities available in the airline industry to those willing to begin flight-training today to qualify for an exciting and well-paid flying career. The demand for new pilots is drawing record numbers of people to the airline industry, and the most successful of those entering the field are beginning their careers by training with the school with the history of successfully training career-minded pilots exclusively for the industry. If you want to fly for the airlines, get there first with ATP.

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