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North American Aviation Industry is Facing a Severe Pilot Shortage

Published Jun 16, 2011 on Pilot Jobs

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I have never posted a news video on PilotJobs before but I found this one to be fascinating and wanted to share it with you. The news report describes the same pilot shortage that I have been talking about here on PilotJobs for the past 2 years, but it is interesting to see that the rest of the global airline industry is very concerned about the same thing.
North American Aviation Industry Faces Pilot... by NewsLook The news clip highlights Boeing’s ongoing attempts to educate the world about the shortage of qualified airline pilots, and how it is going to affect us all. The news organization that produced this video is describing the problem that flight schools around the world are experiencing not training the number of pilots that the airline industry requires and why. Interestingly enough, the problems that these troubled flights schools are having with declining enrollments are being resolved at ATP. ATP actually has seen an increase in student-pilot enrollments as we have solved some of the issues that have prevented students from entering flight training. This is evidenced by the rapidly increasing number of pilots that have successfully completed training at ATP and accumulated the amount of quality flight experience, including hundreds of hours of Multi-engine experience, required by the airlines. A large number of these pilots who have quickly moved on to be hired by various airlines have returned to share their experiences, and you can see them for yourself at

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