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Looking for a Flying Job? Come Meet the Airline’s Recruiters.

Published Jul 9, 2012 on Pilot Jobs

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I spoke on the phone today with Scott Rehn, who is the CEO of Aero Crew Solutions. Scott splits his time between heading his company and flying as a pilot for Delta Air Lines. While wearing his CEO hat, Scott spends his time connecting people with companies in need. To be more specific, Scott’s company helps foreign and domestic airlines and corporate flight operations find Airline Pilots, Corporate Pilots and Expats who are looking for them. One of the ways that Aero Crew Solutions accomplishes this feat is to hold job fairs throughout the country which allows airline employers and pilot applicants to meet. It gives applicants the chance to get together one on one with the recruiters in hopes of making a great initial impression on them and gain a more formal interview at a later time. I will be going to Aero Crew Solutions Pilot Job Fair in Atlanta on July 21st to represent ATP. It is a job fair aimed at a broad spectrum of pilots and Airlines. Pilots will meet recruiters from the corporate side of the industry such as Air Net, recruiters from many of the best Regional Airlines in the United States, recruiters from foreign airlines such as Panama’s COPA and even large freight carriers such as Kalitta Air will be there. This is a great opportunity for any pilot looking to fly professionally to meet the people who are looking for you.

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