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Journey From NASCAR to Airline Pilot

Published Jan 24, 2014 on Pilot Jobs

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I have had the pleasure of helping many very interesting people transition from very interesting careers to do what they have always dreamed of doing in spite of the fact they are already highly successful. We have had doctors, lawyers and very successful business owners come to us for Regional Jet transition training and then proceed to fly for the Regional Airlines on their way to the Majors. Recently I had the pleasure, along with my staff of experienced RJ Instructors, of helping former NASCAR driver Burney Lamar cap off his flight training at ATP and transition to the airlines. Burney was kind enough to write and encourage others to follow his footsteps, and I want to share it with you: Hello Paul, I highly recommend the Regional Jet Standards Certification Course. I was hired in November by Mesa Airlines. As a former ATP instructor and King Air pilot, the Jet Course really helped me make it through my first Part 121 training program. The study material provided to me prior to the Jet Transition Course helped me through CRJ 700/900 systems class and helped prepare me for my ATP/CL65 Type oral. And, the abundant amount of Simulator time you get really helped me through Sim training and to successfully pass my check ride. Being on the other side I can tell you the people who don’t take this course really struggle through their training. If you struggle through your training it can follow you the rest of your career. Getting a job in the 121 world is very stressful. However, having Paul Templeton’s guidance and help is priceless. Working with him takes a lot of stress off your shoulders. Paul will help ensure your success! I really thank U for making the RJ Program possible! I really feel it is crucial to starting an airline career off in the right direction. Thank you, Burney Once you decide to make flying your career choice, get the best flight training with ATP. After all, in the airlines seniority is absolutely everything. Getting that flying job ahead of your competition will affect you in a good way the rest of your career. Get there first with ATP.

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