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CNBC Features Airline Pilot Hiring

Published Sep 22, 2011 on Pilot Jobs

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Boeing recently published its latest forecast of how many airliners will have to be built to satisfy the demand of the flying public for the next 2o years. More interesting is the number of Airline Pilots that will have to be trained to fly those new Aircraft and the fact that Airbus, the FAA and the entire Airline Industry agrees with Boeing. Boeing said that over 466,650 new Airline Pilots will have to be trained and put into cockpit seats through 2029. That number includes over 186,000 Pilots needed to fly the burgeoning Airline Industry in Asia, as well as over 97,000 new Airline Pilots to fly here in North America. A news video from CNBC talks about the growing concern over the lack of pilots training at this time to meet the demand. One industry expert talks about how the Asian Airlines as well as many other airlines from the growing global airline industry are coming to the United States to hire our pilots to come overseas and fly for them. Another problem that the United States Airline Industry is facing in meeting the demand for new Airline Pilots is the number of US pilots soon to face mandatory retirements as they reach the age of 65 beginning December 17th, 2012. Over 2,000 of these very senior pilots will retire in 2013 alone. Les Westbrooks, an Embry-riddle Professor and former Airline Pilot, said in this video that the demand for new pilots will be immune to the business cycles that have affected hiring in the past due to these forced retirements.

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