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General Aviation Aircraft Shipments Took Off in 2013

Published Feb 20, 2014 on Pilot Jobs

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Prospects are finally looking up for pilots aspiring to fly in Corporate Aviation, or in other well paying segments of General Aviation. Here at ATP we have experienced high attrition rates among our Instructors who have been leaving our ranks early, well below the 1500 hours of experience required to fly for the airlines, to fly for a Corporate Flight Department or one of the other exciting flying jobs available outside of the Airline Industry. Reporting on the resurgence of the General Aviation Industry, General Aviation Manufacturer’s Association’s (GAMA) president Pete Bunce and GAMA chairman Steve Taylor, who is president of Boeing Business Jets, recently gave an uplifting summary of the health of General Aviation (GA) manufacturing in 2013. They both reported overall GA aircraft sales as experiencing modest increases and described businesses engaged in the sales of high-end business jets and piston airplanes as having a great year. Total worldwide GA airplane shipments were up 4.3 percent, from 2,164 airplanes delivered in 2012 to 2,256 shipments in 2013. Even better is the news that billings for GA airplanes worldwide also increased 24 percent, to $23.4 billion. The past several years have seen less than stellar sales reports from light airplane manufacturers. But in advance of yesterday's (GAMA) meeting, Beechcraft, Cirrus and Piper reported that sales are increasing. Piper's press release cited deliveries of 188 aircraft last year, 154 piston models. That's an overall increase of 30 compared with 2012. Revenues were close to $169 million. Piper CEO Simon Caldecott attributes much of the increase to resupplying the training market with new aircraft. Of course, ATP’s recent large purchase of both Piper Archers and Seminoles for flight training aircraft has highly contributed to Piper’s bulging sales figures. With the pilot shortage affecting all segments of aviation, the revival of General Aviation means that there are great flying jobs now available in all areas of commercial aviation. The best and most effective way to train to fly professionally in any industry is to train with ATP using the time proven, full-immersion training method that we have been improving on for over thirty years. When training for success, get there first with ATP.

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