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Fuel Rebates: Students Are Top-Priority at ATP

Published Jan 5, 2009 on Pilot Jobs

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I work for the ATP’s Regional Jet Department and as such I don’t do much for the Airline Career Pilot Program Students until they are finished with their training and are ready to transition to RJs. However, I do have many opportunities to observe ATP going about its business of training tomorrow’s airline pilots, and I’m continually impressed with ACPP graduates. When they come through the RJ Program they consistently fly like they have a much higher experience level than they actually do.

I have never seen a flight academy like Airline Transport Professionals, and there are good reasons for the results that they get. ATP's top management team is a sincere advocate of its students, and it shows. Their attitude travels down the line to other ATP employees and instructors, and the end result is an academy where the students always come first.

In a press release last week, ATP vice-president Jim Koziarski announced the simultaneous price decrease for the ACPP and a rebate to current students, due to the decreased cost of AvGas. ATP is giving its current students a rebate of up to $2500. Tuition has been reduced for any newly enrolled ACPP Students to reflect the current cost of AvGas.

When my peers ask me why I am so proud to be with ATP, I point to the many examples of where ATP has done the right thing. From price decreases to rebates, from CFI job-search assistance to Regional Airline hiring partnerships, ATP makes every effort to ensure its students' succeed in the pursuit of their career goals.

Is there any other institution of this type that, even in an economic downturn, is willing to actually give money back to students? I think you'll find that, in cases like these, ATP stands alone.

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