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FedEx is Hiring Pilots

Published Jan 5, 2011 on Pilot Jobs

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Federal Express has announced that it will open a hiring window for pilots on January 15th, and it will last for 30 days. This is great news for professional pilots across the country because of the relative stability and history of reliable growth of the Uber-freight companies such as FedEx, which operates one of the largest airlines in the world.


This hiring opportunity is particularly good news for every current, or future, Regional Airline Pilot as they are near the front of the line of qualified pilots who will be going to work for FedEx.

The list of qualifications for these much sought-after flying jobs is demanding, but one of the most difficult requirements to meet is this one:

“1500 hours total fixed-wing time as pilot-in-command (PIC) or second-in-command in multi-engine turbo-prop A/C or jet A/C or combination thereof, including a minimum of 1000 hours total fixed-wing pilot-in-command (PIC) in multi-engine turbo prop A/C or jet A/C or combination thereof.

Multi-engine Turbo-prop and Jet time is relatively hard to come by. That fact has made the Regional Airlines the starting point for most pilots today who aspire to fly for the Major Airlines or one of the Major Freight Companies.

Once hired by any airline, the one factor that determines a pilot’s future in a very tangible way is when a pilot is hired by an airline. The pilots who have been at an airline the longest have first choice of the Crew Bases they want to fly out of, the aircraft that they want to fly and how long they will fly as a First Officer before upgrading to a Captain. Seniority is everything.

Understanding this concept is important to those whose career goal is flying for FedEx or any Major Airline. The quickest path to a First Officer’s seat at a Regional Airline is the desirable path, since the first to obtain that seat will be the first to be qualified to begin climbing the Seniority ladder at FedEx.

FedEx employs more than 4800 skilled pilots who fly more than 380 of their aircraft on routes virtually around the World. Because new worldwide routes are constantly being added pilots have more frequent opportunities for seat progression, which is getting to fly the aircraft they wish to fly and in the position they wish to be in.

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