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Envoy and Its Pilots Reach Tentative Agreement to Operate Larger Embraer E175 Aircraft and Position the Airline for Growth

Published Dec 9, 2014 on Pilot Jobs

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The chairman of Envoy’s pilot union announced today that Envoy’s pilots and Envoy’s management group had reached a tentative agreement (TA) on a new contract. Envoy’s union leaders also said that they would recommend that the pilots approve the deal. After the announcement, Envoy sent a message to employees announcing the tentative agreement and said the deal would give larger jets at the American Airlines Group regional airline. “This Tentative Agreement will allow Envoy to upgrade its fleet with a guarantee of 40 new 76-seat Embraer 175 (E175) regional jets, beginning in the fourth quarter of 2015,” Envoy president and CEO Pedro Fábregas said. “Additionally, this agreement ensures that Envoy will operate up to 90 additional E175 jets, if American Airlines chooses to exercise the options they hold with aircraft manufacturer Embraer on those aircraft,” Fábregas said. In a message to Envoy union members, Master Executive Council (MEC) Chairman Sam Pool explained why the union had recommended approval of the latest deal. “The MEC believes this TA is the best obtainable agreement, and provides the best path forward for Envoy pilots given our circumstances,” Pool wrote. “It has been one year since this process began, and to this end, our negotiators, officers and the entire ALPA leadership have ensured that they have achieved as much as possible in return for the re-fleeting of our airline,” he wrote. Fábregas thanked the union leadership for negotiating and endorsing the new deal. “If ratified, this Tentative Agreement will form the foundation for a bright future for our company. It will be especially promising for our pilots, providing them new, large and modern aircraft to fly and a faster path to a career at American Airlines,” Fábregas wrote. Pool and Fábregas released no details on what pilots must agree to in the proposed contract.

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