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Envoy Air to Add $4000 to the First Paycheck for ATP Tuition Reimbursement Program Pilots

Published Jun 17, 2016 on Pilot Jobs

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ATP Tuition Reimbursement Program Partner Envoy Air, the largest regional airline flying for American Airlines, announced signing bonuses today that include $4000 to ATP pilots already in Envoy’s Tuition Reimbursement Program. With a flow-through agreement to American Airlines, Envoy pilots have a direct path from flight training and instructing at ATP under Envoy’s program, to flying for Envoy and then on to fly at American, with no additional interview required. American Airlines has reported that they will hire more than 300 pilots from Envoy this year alone. More than half of all of American’s new hire classes will be Envoy pilots. This means that more than 350 pilots will be hired by Envoy in the next year, with more than 200 Envoy First Officers upgrading to Captains and many of those new pilots will come from ATP. There’s never been a better time to be starting a career flying for the airlines. Airlines are looking for new pilots to enter the industry, and they are offering attractive opportunities for a career flying for the airlines. Once the research is done, you can begin training with the flight school that is training the largest and most successful group of pilots entering the airline industry today. Start your career with ATP.

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