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Economic Recovery is Inevitable: Gulfstream is Expanding Now

Published Jan 8, 2009 on Pilot Jobs

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Gulfstream executives say that it will proceed with expansion plans at its facilities despite the economic downturn. Aviation Analyst Richard Aboulafia says Gulfstream is well-situated to benefit from on the inevitable uptick in the market with the several new aircraft models. "Gulfstream is wisely getting that going in preparation for the next upturn," Aboulafia said. "If you accept that wealth generation will return, the need for transport will return, globalization will return."

Mr. Aboulafia makes a good point, which is that there is a lot of investment money that is sitting idle at this time. History has shown that this situation can’t last long and that it will be inevitable that investors will return to the marketplace to generate wealth. At that time, the need for transportation will return to normal levels and aviation and the airline industry will return to its historic levels of activity. The need for pilots will also expand sharply at that time, and those that have trained and prepared for those pilot positions will get the jobs.

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