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Delta Air Lines Profit Climbs to $1.3 Billion in 3rd Quarter

Published Oct 21, 2015 on Pilot Jobs

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The airlines in the United States continue to flourish, driving the expansion of their fleets to meet the demand for air travel and the need to hire new airline pilots. Delta Air Lines is a good example, earning enough this quarter to almost triple what they earned in the same quarter a year ago. Delta has announced that they will increase capacity (the number of airline seats and aircraft available) beginning next year. Airlines must hire 10 to 12 new airline pilots for every additional aircraft that they purchase, so Delta will have to hire more pilots in addition to those hired to replace retiring pilots. This demand for new airline pilots, along with the forced retirement of senior pilots due to age and new regulations that require higher qualifications to be hired by an airline, has caused a shortage the depth of which has never been experienced in the US Airline Industry. This shortage has created the opportunity to have an airline career for more people than ever before. The good news is that if a person begins flight training today with ATP they can be fully trained and qualified to fly for an airline in less than two years. A six million dollar career is available, and begins with the first call to ATP to find out how to begin. If you compare those facts with what it takes to enter any comparable field in any other industry those opportunities to fly for an airline are even more compelling. Once you have done the research and understand the opportunities that are available, you can train with the ATP to join the course that leads to the job in a much shorter time than any other flight training organization. That means that you get that airline job ahead of your competition and immediately begin accruing seniority before they do. You will choose your monthly schedule before they do, choose your home base before they do, choose your vacation schedules, choose to fly bigger and higher paying aircraft and upgrade to Captain before they do. Seniority matters a lot! Get the job first with ATP.

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