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Compass Airlines Raises New First Officer Pay by 40%.

Published Dec 4, 2015 on Pilot Jobs

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Compass Airlines has announced that they have modified the contract that their pilots operate under to raise the starting pay for new first officers, bringing them in line with the increased new-hire pay offered by other regional airlines. Compass raised new-hire pay to $36,000 per year in salary in the revised contract. Compass Airlines also participates in ATP’s Tuition Reimbursement Program in which Compass will subsidize flight training for a pilot both while the pilot is instructing for ATP and after they begin flying for Compass. ATP students who wish to fly for Compass and join the Tuition Reimbursement Program will be paid five dollars per hour in addition to their pay from ATP while instructing for ATP, and a flat rate of $500 per month after the pilot joins Compass. The funds paid by Compass will total $11,000 over the life of the program and are used to pay for the flight training for the pilot. ATP Tuition Reimbursement Program graduates will add $6,000 of those funds to their first year pay which will bring it to over $42,000. In addition, a provision in the newly improved contract allows for four paid hotel stays per month for commuting pilots. The amendment also gives Compass the flexibility to quickly raise first year pay in response to market conditions. “We are delighted that the global resolution process has resulted in an agreement that is mutually beneficial for both parties, and allows us to move forward with an amended agreement that increases compensation for Compass pilots," said Rick Leach, Chief Executive Officer of Compass Airlines. "Additionally, this agreement gives Compass the tools it needs to remain competitive in the regional airline marketplace." Flying for Compass is a smart career move for pilots who have aspirations to move on to the majors. Compass pilots are in high demand by mainline carriers, as 100% of pilots who left the company voluntarily in 2015 left for pilot positions with a major airline. Compass is currently hiring up to 40 pilots per month and upgrades are taking place at a rate of 10-20 per month. ​​

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