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Bombardier Launches New Green C-Series Regional Jet

Published Mar 18, 2009 on Pilot Jobs

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Regional Jet manufacturer Bombardier announced it has sold 30 of its new environmentally friendly C-Series Regional Jets. These will be the “launch” deliveries of the first C-Series aircraft manufactured after a very long development period. The new design allows the C-Series to be quieter, use less fuel and emit fewer pollutants than other modern jets.


The 110-seat C-Series, which is due to enter service in 2013, is designated the CS100. The 130-seat aircraft is designated as the CS300. The new aircraft design is a response to the success of Embraer’s E190 and E195 Regional Jets.

The C-Series will make increased use of composite materials and lightweight aluminum lithium alloy in its structures and its flight control systems will be fully electronic fly-by-wire systems.

Its passenger cabin will feature a five-seats-abreast layout. To keep the aircraft as light and fuel-efficient as possible, the C-Series' aft fuselage, tail section and wings will be made from composite materials. The rest of the C-Series' fuselage will be made from composite and aluminum lithium. The aircraft's fly-by-wire flight deck will have side stick controllers for the pilots rather than the more traditional control yokes, and the aircraft will have electric brakes.

Bombardier expects the C-Series to emit 23 percent less carbon dioxide than today's new 100-seat-plus jets. Additionally, Bombardier expects the C-Series jets to be quieter than all existing 100-plus-seat jets.

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