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Boeing’s 2012 Orders Top Forecasts

Published Jan 4, 2013 on Pilot Jobs

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The current shortage of pilots that has been forecast to worsen is based in part on projections of growth in the airline industry based on Boeing Aircraft’s prediction of airliner sales for the next 20 years. Boeing’s latest reports show that their forecasts are spot on so far. Boeing booked 1,203 net commercial aircraft orders and delivered 601 aircraft in 2012, the company said Thursday. The orders mark the second best year in company history, trailing only the banner year of 2007, when Boeing’s net aircraft orders topped 1,400 aircraft. Deliveries in 2012, up 26% from 2011, were the most by the company since 1999. “Boeing’s unfilled commercial airplane orders at the end of the year stood at 4,373 (including 3,074 737 orders), the most in company history,” Boeing said in a statement. The 2012 order frenzy was led by the 737 program, which took in 1,124 net orders, including 914 orders for the re-engined 737 MAX. Boeing added that 49 total 787s have been delivered to eight customers.

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