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Boeing Forecasts Record Demand for New Airline Pilots

Published Aug 3, 2018 on Pilot Jobs

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In its recently released 2018 Pilot and Technician Outlook, Boeing is forecasting that the airline industry will need over 790,000 new airline pilots over the next 20 years. That figure is more than twice as many pilots that presently fly for the airlines according to an article in Civil Aviation Training (CAT) magazine.

The demand is being driven by an anticipated doubling of the global commercial airplane fleet – as reported in Boeing’s Commercial Market Outlook – as well as record-high air travel demand and a tightening labor supply. This year’s outlook also includes data from the business aviation and civil helicopter sectors for the first time. “Despite strong global air traffic growth, the aviation industry continues to face a pilot labor supply challenge, raising concern about the existence of a global pilot shortage in the near-term,” said Keith Cooper, vice president of Training & Professional Services, Boeing Global Services. “An emphasis on developing the next generation of pilots is key to help mitigate this. With a network of training campuses and relationships with flight schools around the globe, Boeing partners with customers, governments and educational institutions to help ensure the market is ready to meet this significant demand.”

The global pilot shortage is driving the airlines to improve work rules to make flying for the airlines an even better career than was available previously. They have also increased starting pay greatly over the last few years in order to attract new pilots to the airline industry and now offer huge incentives to come fly for them. The safest, surest and quickest path to an airline career begins at ATP. Arrange for an Introductory Flight today at one of ATP’s training centers and begin on your own path to an exciting and lucrative career flying for the airlines.

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