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Boeing Announces New Pilot Demand Exceeds 95,000 over Coming Years

Published Jul 27, 2015 on Pilot Jobs

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Airline manufacturing giant Boeing updated the number of new pilots needed per year to keep up with airliner deliveries that are already on their delivery schedule. The number of new pilots needed has increased 4.7% over last year’s requirements in the midst of the deepest pilot shortage to hit the industry in the history of the airlines, and the demand is greatly outpacing the supply. Boeing’s forecast, which is echoed by rival airline manufacturer Airbus and the FAA, points to the need for 558,000 new pilots worldwide. With many airlines expanding globally, and little or no flight training infrastructure in many of the expanding areas of the world, these foreign airlines are hiring experienced pilots from the United States and signing them to lucrative long-term contracts. There are few flight training organizations that can offer a solution to prospective airline pilots who wish to enter the industry at this advantageous time, the problem being how a new pilot bridges the gap in flight experience between a newly minted Commercial Pilot and one ready to fly for the airlines. ATP offers a direct path from the point where you make the decision to become an airline pilot to actually being hired by an airline to fly as one. ATP trains from day one to fly for the airlines, and we can help achieve this in two years. Once you have decided that flying for a living is for you, train with the organization that has had the most proven success in helping people become airline pilots: ATP.

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