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Published May 19, 2009 on Pilot Jobs

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I have been reading Flying Magazine since I was young. Today as I was looking over this month’s copy of Flying I found an interesting article about Airline Transport Professionals or ATP.


Flying columnist Lane Wallace does a great job of defining what makes ATP unique in the flight training world. She begins by attempting to describe the sheer size of ATP, with training centers spread across the country. She also touches on the large number of training aircraft that ATP owns to make sure that students spend their time flying and not on the ground waiting on a broken airplane.

The article also mentions the Airline Career Pilot Program at ATP, which has always focused on taking aspiring aviators and showing them how to achieve their career goals. The article also does a good job of detailing some of the new programs available at ATP:

"The ACPP accounts for the vast majority of ATP's students and training focus. But the academy still offers a number of stand-alone, accelerated training programs, ranging from a four-hour "glass cockpit training program" using the DA40s ($495), to a seven-day Regional Jet Standards Certification Course that includes 28 hours of CRJ200 sim time ($4,995). And Diamond Aircraft recently selected ATP to provide factory-authorized training for the new Diamond D-Jets. ATP also plans to incorporate the D-Jets into its Airline Career Pilot Program, to give students more turbine experience and training.”

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