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ATP Announces Price Decrease For The Regional Jet Standards Certification Course

Published Nov 12, 2008 on Pilot Jobs

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There has never been a better time to position yourself for starting an airline pilot career with the Regional Airlines. Experts like Kit Darby, founder and president of AIR, Inc., show that historically pilots hired right after a hiring downturn are in a great position. Those on the front of the next hiring wave will have the advantage of seniority over many pilots hired after them. This additional seniority has advantages, like less time on reserve, and faster captain upgrades.

All of ATP’s airline partners have told us that they expect to return to hiring in 2009. Some are announcing that they will begin as soon as January. We have already begun to see this as over 30 graduates of ATP's Regional Jet Course have been hired by Regional Airlines in the last 60 days. Please take a look at ATP's Airline Hiring & Placements Page to see which Airlines are hiring these graduates now. Also see the training environment you will enjoy while training with ATP.

During this period of reduced demand, ATP has lowered the price of the RJ Course from $6,995 to $4,995. Anyone scheduled for a future class date will receive the price reduction also, even if they scheduled at the higher price.

Also, look out for a future announcement that ATP will offer a free “RJ Refresher” program for graduates who go longer than 6 months without getting a job. More details will be available soon on ATP's website.

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