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ATP Selected to Provide Flight Training for ASU's Flight Programs

Published Sep 27, 2012 on Pilot Jobs

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On Tuesday October 2nd there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony at ATP’s Flight Training Center in Mesa, Arizona to kick off Arizona State University’s use of ATP to provide flight training for students enrolled in ASU’s professional flight program. Representatives from SkyWest Airlines, GoJet and Ameriflight will be among the guests in attendance. The fact that ATP was selected by ASU to provide flight training for its students is a testament to ATP’s high quality flight training, track record of training airline pilots and to ASU’s commitment to fielding the best trained graduates of any four year university program. As a traditional bachelors degree program, ASU will require approximately 4 years for a student to graduate. ASU’s flight students will graduate with a Private Pilots License, an Instrument rating, a Commercial Multi and their CFI rating as well as a bachelors degree. Like other universities with flight programs such as Purdue, Embry-Riddle and University of North Dakota, ASU will offer Advanced Jet Training in their CRJ-200 FSTDs to complete their program. In the airline pilot job market, seniority is everything after all. By comparison with the four year programs, training with ATP in the Airline Career Pilot Program Fast Track (5 months), you could be building valuable flight experience that will lead to an airline job three and a half years before the four year student graduates. For those who are ready to get into full time flying or already have some college the ACP program will typically be a quicker route to a career with the airlines. Pilots are currently required to have a degree to fly for the Major Airlines so the ASU degree is also an excellent option. ASU does provide a valuable option for veterans. Students eligible for Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits can receive up to 100% funding towards tuition and flight fees. This allows veterans to receive ATP’s renowned airline-oriented, multi-engine flight training while taking full advantage of their VA benefits. No other option can compare to ASU’s degree with ATP flight training.

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