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ATA Forecasts That 206 Million Airline Passengers Will Fly This Summer

Published Jun 7, 2011 on Pilot Jobs

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The Air Transport Association has predicted that airlines in the United States will carry 206.2 million passengers from June to August of this year. That figure is 1.5% more than were expected for the same time period a year ago. The ATA reports that travelers are "booking international flights in record numbers," and that airline passenger volumes are still recovering from levels reached during the global economic recession. ATA forecasts 26.3 million of the 206.2 million total passengers expected will be traveling on international flights, an increase from the previous record of 25.8 million in summer 2010. The ATA also anticipates that approximately 180 million passengers will fly domestically this summer, up from 177.3 million in summer 2010. The record for summer domestic travel is currently 192.4 million passengers, a number reached in 2007. "In the next decade, the majority of travel growth will take place outside of our borders in developing economies," said ATA President and CEO Nicholas Calio. "To facilitate US competitiveness and meet customer demand, airlines must be able to operate in an environment that is conducive to international expansion."

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