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Ameriflight Shines, Night after Night, Flight after Flight

Published May 29, 2014 on Pilot Jobs

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Ameriflight is a leader in the FAR 135 air cargo industry. Every week they complete over 1700 departures flying their fleet of over 170 aircraft to more than 200 communities throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. Ameriflight is also partnered with ATP to successfully recruit graduates of our Airline Career Pilot Program, with a significant number flying for them now. Ameriflight also represents the modern air cargo operation, flying specialized aircraft that are well equipped and maintained. Ameriflight is also a well managed operation where teamwork is essential and the employees that make up the team are valued. My last post featured an interview with one of ATP’s graduates who flies for Ameriflight now, and he reports that his job is challenging and exciting on a daily basis. Ameriflight also has a humanitarian side, and they have agreed to help the dog rescue group Pilots N Paws take animal rescue to new heights. Pilot N Paws stated mission is to “save dogs one flight at a time” and Ameriflight helps by offering empty space on their aircraft to fly rescued animals that need to be relocated to new homes, with only good will received in return. One of my favorite people in all of aviation is a very enthusiastic pilot for Ameriflight whose name is Sheri Hudson. Ameriflight asks Sheri to recruit pilots for her airline and it isn't easy in today’s recruiting environment. Her unbridled love for flying get’s her through though and this is what she has to say to pilots trying to make a decision about which part of the aviation industry to fly for, “There are lots and lots of opportunities out there. Why do pilots get into this industry? Because they want to FLY......I’m telling them to fill their hearts and FLY. Button pushing and being a number on a seniority list can wait many years! If they want to be a BETTER pilot and GROW, they need to get out and do some PIC in good, old-fashioned airplanes!!” Good advice Sheri.

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