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American Airlines and American Eagle Report Passenger Traffic Increase

Published Jul 8, 2010 on Pilot Jobs

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AMR Corp. Tuesday said its load factor for June improved 1.6 points for its principal subsidiary, Airlines, while traffic grew 3.2%. Traffic for American Eagle in June increased 5.3%.


With the economy now seeming to return to some form of stability, the airline industry is witnessing encouraging signs as customers have started returning.

American Airlines' load factor improved 1.6 points to 86.8% from 85.1% in June 2009.

Domestic load factor grew 0.5 points to 88.6%, while international load factor rose 3.4 points to 83.9% for the month.

AMR's subsidiary, American Airlines, said that its traffic for June increased 3.2% to 11.25 billion revenue passenger miles or RPMs from 10.89 billion RPMs in the previous year month.

Domestic traffic improved 1.2% to 6.89 billion RPMs, while international traffic grew 6.6% to 4.36 billion RPMs for June 2010.

Capacity rose 1.3% to 12.96 billion available seat miles or ASMs from 12.79 billion ASMs in the year-ago month.

Domestic capacity grew 0.6% to 7.77 billion ASMs, and international capacity improved 2.4% to 5.19 billion ASMs over a year ago.

American Airlines boarded 7.65 million passengers in June, up 0.2% from 7.63 million passengers a year ago.

System cargo ton miles grew 19.3% to 159.06 million from 133.34 million a year earlier.

For the year-to-date period, American Airlines reported traffic of 60.90 billion RPMs, up 1.3% from 60.15 billion RPMs in the year-ago period.

Capacity declined 1.4% to 75.24 billion ASMs from 76.33 billion ASMs in the prior year period.

Load factor increased 2.1 points to 80.9% from 78.8% in the same period of last year.

AMR's regional airline subsidiary, American Eagle, reported that its traffic for June increased 5.3% to 736.48 million RPMs from 699.64 million RPMs in the year-ago month.

Traffic for American Eagle Airlines grew 6.4% to 691.11 million RPMs, but traffic for Executive Airlines fell 9.5% to 45.37 million RPMs over a year ago.

Capacity grew 6.5% to 956.33 million ASMs from 898.13 million ASMs in the prior year month.

Capacity for American Eagle Airlines grew 7.2% to 877.52 million ASMs, while Executive Airlines' capacity slipped 0.7% to 78.81 million ASMs from the prior year month.

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