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American Airlines to Reassign Fifty E145s from Envoy to Piedmont and Trans States Airlines

Published Dec 5, 2014 on Pilot Jobs

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American Airlines has announced plans to reassign fifty of Envoy Air’s (formerly called American Eagle Airlines) fleet of 118 ERJ-145s to other regional airlines flying under the American Eagle brand. In a letter to Envoy employees, senior vice president Kenji Hashimoto said that at least 20 of the Embraer 145 jets will go to AA's subsidiary, Piedmont Airlines. American also announced that at least 15 E145s will go to Trans States Airlines, and the rest to go to another regional carrier to be named later by American. “This transfer is solely driven by forecasts showing an insufficient number of pilots at Envoy in 2015 to operate our planned schedule. Envoy continues to provide reliable service, its employees serve our customers well, and the company remains an important part of American Airlines Group,” Hashimoto said in his letter. The transfer will begin in March of 2015 with two aircraft a month being transferred to Trans States Airlines and the other, unnamed carrier. The other twenty will begin moving to Piedmont in 2016. In mid-2015, American will begin sending Envoy’s fleet of forty-seven CRJ-700s to PSA Airlines at the rate of two per month. ATP has partnered with all three of these airlines to send the best-trained pilots entering the regional airline industry today, the graduates of ATP's Airline Career Pilot Program who have gone on to instruct for ATP before going to the airlines.

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