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Airlines Adding Flights to New Cities

Published Feb 3, 2009 on Pilot Jobs

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The Airline Industry is beginning to add new flights to new cities. Some of these flights are being returned New Training Centersto the airline schedules because they were cut last year in response to record high fuel prices in 2008. The following airlines have added flights to these pairs of cities:

Delta Airlines:

  • Atlanta and Columbus
  • Jacksonville, Florida and Cincinnati

Allegiant Air:

  • Grand Rapids and Las Vegas
  • Grand Rapids and Orlando
  • Grand Rapids and St. Petersburg


  • Jacksonville and Atlanta

Continental Airlines:

  • Jacksonville and Cleveland


  • Jacksonville and New York City

Northwest Airlines:

  • Jacksonville and Detroit

United Airlines:

  • Jacksonville and Washington-Dulles

Southwest Airlines:

  • Nashville and Baltimore/ Washington, D.C.(BWI)
  • Nashville and Phoenix
  • Nashville and Chicago
  • Nashville and Jacksonville
  • Nashville and Tampa
  • San Francisco and Orange County (5 flights daily)

Alaska Air/Horizon Airlines:

  • Seattle and Portland (4 flights daily)

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