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Airline Travel Benefits – Low Cost Air Travel is a Liberating Experience

Published Mar 26, 2012 on Pilot Jobs

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Can you imagine traveling from New York to L.A. for under $50? How about going from Chicago to Paris for less than $100? Whether you prefer hot sandy beaches, skiing in Colorado, playing golf on that famous golf course you’ve always wanted to play or visiting family halfway across the world - if you love to travel, working for the airlines, or being related to someone who does, is the best way to make air-travel an affordable reality. Each airline has its own policies for employee travel benefits. Some companies allow employees to travel absolutely free, and others charge a nominal fee, or a fee based on the number of miles that will be flown. This fee can range from $10 to about $70 for a long haul or overseas flight, depending on the airline. Travel benefits are one of the best benefits you will enjoy, even if you work for a Regional Airline. This is possible because more than 100 airlines participate in what is known as interline agreements, which allow employees from one airline to travel on a variety of other airlines at a 90% discount off of the highest fares, when space is available. In other words, you fly very inexpensively with the only consideration being that you will fly on a stand-by basis which means that you will be allowed to fly if there are available seats on the flight you want get on. The good news is that flying stand-by has improved with the airlines providing online access to real-time seat availability, so you can determine if you have a good chance of getting a seat on stand-by. Armed with this information, you can make traveling stand-by a pleasant experience. Airline employees, as well as their close relatives, can also get amazingly low rates on flights, hotels, cruises, vacation packages, restaurants & more to help make your entire trip affordable. If you have ever dreamed of traveling the world in search of adventure, and doing it affordably, working for the airlines will transform those dreams into reality for you and your family.

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