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Airline Traffic Continues to Rise Across the Airline Industry

Published Aug 13, 2014 on Pilot Jobs

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The airlines in the US are reporting their traffic statistics for the month of July, and the good news continues to come in. Airline passengers continue to increase the rate which they fly by more than ten percent in this country compared to last year, and that fact combined with record load factors (the average percentage of seats filled in an airliner) continue to bring record profits to the airline industry. The return to profitability is not a short term situation either. The airline industry has taken its rightful place in the Global Economy, and has found ways to generate consistent profits when it was a challenge in the past to do so. As the demand by passengers continues to increase, the demand for new aircraft increases and so does the demand for airline pilots. That is where the pilot shortage becomes an issue that all of these profitable airlines are trying to deal with. Airline recruiters have put out the call for new pilots and have begun hiring almost anyone qualified to be hired, regardless of age and accepting of circumstances that may have been disqualifying in the past. The opportunity to fly for the airlines has never been greater, and pilots are eagerly training to fill the most desired positions in the industry. Newly hired pilots are spending little time on reserve and upgrading to Captain earlier in their career than ever before. The call by airline recruiters is clearly being heard by a growing number of people who are entering flight training to fill the void. The students who become pilots and then move on to the airlines the quickest all have something in common. The got there first by taking the most direct path to the airlines, flight training with and instructing for ATP.

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