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Airline Pilot Hiring Update

Published Aug 24, 2017 on Pilot Jobs

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Airlines in the United States continue to hire new pilots at a pace that hasn’t been seen for decades, if ever. is a career and financial advisory service for professional pilots that tracks hiring at the airlines. These figures show the number of career opportunities available that have been realized in the second quarter of this year, as well as year-to-date hiring figures. This information shows hiring statistics for the nine largest airlines in the US: Legacy Airlines: Alaska Airlines hired 14 pilots in the second quarter and 118 pilots year-to-date. American Airlines hired 146 pilots in the second quarter and 404 pilots year-to-date. Delta Air Lines hired 276 pilots in the second quarter and 649 pilots year-to-date. United Airlines hired 112 pilots in the second quarter and 254 pilots year-to-date. Major Airlines: Southwest Airlines hired 189 pilots in the second quarter and 493 pilots year-to-date. JetBlue hired 60 pilots in the second quarter and 162 pilots year-to-date. Spirit Airlines hired 114 pilots in the second quarter and 254 pilots year-to-date Freight Airlines: FedEx hired 121 pilots in March and 286 pilots year-to-date. UPS hired 82 pilots in March and 254 pilots year-to-date. That is a total of 1,114 Pilots hired in the second quarter of 2017 by just these nine airlines. The total number of pilots hired by these airlines is 1419 pilots in 2017. These newly hired airline pilots will quickly reach six-figure annual incomes and make more than six million dollars over the course of their careers. The airlines have increased starting pay for new pilots greatly over the last few years, with the regional airlines now offering huge incentives to come fly for them. The increased hiring of the airline industry creates real career opportunities that are achievable. If you start training now for a career flying for the airlines, you can be seated in the cockpit in less than two years. The most direct path to an airline career begins at ATP. Arrange for an Introductory Flight today at one of ATP’s training centers and begin your own path to the airlines.