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Airline Industry Continues to Create Flying Careers

Published Oct 29, 2014 on Pilot Jobs

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The airline industry continues to soar, creating jobs and opportunities for airline flying careers. Delta Air Lines has reported impressive profits to begin the third-quarter earnings season. Delta reported a very strong one billion dollar net profit with an operating margin of 16%, which is spectacular for any airline, even during peak travel season. Delta’s profit margins keep improving, with revenues up 7% and operating costs up just 4%. The third quarter reports mark the fifth quarter that Delta’s operating margins increased in the year to year comparisons. Delta’s fuel costs fell 1% in spite of increased passenger traffic of 3%. The lower fuel costs were possible because of sixty-three million dollars in savings realized by Delta’s fuel hedging program. The operating profits were also helped by the nineteen million dollar profit gained by Delta’s oil refinery refining domestic crude oil from oil fields in North Dakota. The carrier relies on Delta Connection regional partners to bring passengers to its hubs to transfer to larger aircraft, since 60% of Delta’s passenger traffic is traveling domestically. Delta’s regional partners which include airlines such as ExpressJet, Republic, Compass, GoJet, Endeavor and SkyWest are partnering with ATP as well to recruit the best-trained civilian pilots entering the airline industry today. All of these regional airlines use to recruit pilots, whether they come to PilotPool through a pipeline program or not. Once you have decided that your career choice is flying for the airlines, be sure you get there ahead of your competition. Get there first by flight training with ATP.

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