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Air Choice One – The Next Generation Commuter Airline

Published May 15, 2014 on Pilot Jobs

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Air Choice One is a thriving airline whose growth has been fueled by both its position as a scheduled air service provider for the Department of Transportation (DOT) Essential Air Service (EAS) Program, and its success as the first Part 135 commuter air carrier that has captured a meaningful slice of the Chicago O’Hare airport flight volume. Air Choice One’s stated mission is to provide exceptional, high-quality air travel service to each and every passenger who boards their airplanes. They pride themselves on catering to their passengers’ needs through convenient, personalized customer service. Air Choice One began in March of 1979 when they were incorporated by three partners as Multi-Aero, Inc. and began providing crop dusting and public rides with a Bell 47 helicopter and two employees at Festus Memorial Airport in Missouri. After they were awarded their Part 135 Certificate they secured their first corporate charter contract and began moving forward. They soon received their first schedule cargo contract with the US Postal Service and shortly thereafter were also awarded contracts with UPS doing the same type of flying. Air Choice One then relocated their headquarters to Lambert-St. Louis International Airport, which serves as one of its hubs along with Chicago O’Hare, and began expanding its EAS services to smaller communities with their growing fleet of Cessna 208 Caravans. Air Choice One’s objective is to carve out an airline niche in America, by expanding from their current position as an Essential Air Service (EAS) provider and continue to grow into a regional airline servicing markets that are being vacated by Regional Jets. Air Choice One has teamed with ATP to provide our well trained graduates to fly for them. Air Choice One will hire our graduates with 500 hours of flight experience, which is much lower than the 1500 hour requirement of Part 12 Regional carriers. ATP provides these opportunities to our students as an option to instructing until they reach the minimums required by Part 121. There are many opportunities of this kind in aviation today for anyone willing to prepare themselves for success as a professional pilot. Once you have decided to pursue a career in aviation, get there first with ATP.

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