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40K May Be the New Standard for First-Year First Officer Pay at the Regional Airlines

Published Sep 22, 2015 on Pilot Jobs

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In the middle of the worst shortage of pilots in the history of the airline industry, the regional airlines are trying to make improvements to starting pay and the working environment that will attract new talent to fly for their airlines. Trans States Airlines (TSA) has announced they they have reached a tentative agreement with its pilot group that will raise starting pay for a new First Officer to close to 40k. TSA also participates in the Tuition Reimbursement Program with ATP instructors in which TSA subsidizes flight training by making tuition payments for pilots both while they are instructing for ATP, and after the pilot joins TSA to fly for them. The Tuition Reimbursement Program adds up to an additional $11,000 to the compensation package for new First Officers hired from ATP. SkyWest also announced a new agreement with their pilot group which brings first year pay for First Officers close to $40k including their signing bonus. Republic Airlines also announced that they have offered to pay their new First Officers over $40K, and made improvements to the work rules that govern a pilot’s workday. Air Wisconsin has made an offer to its pilot group that has been sent out for pilot approval that will pay new First Officers 40K per year, and will improve work rules for all Air Wisconsin pilots. Flying professionally for the airlines is still the most exciting and lucrative career available, and there are many opportunities to have a career flying for the airlines with all of the benefits that go along with it. Once you have decided that you wish to fly for the airlines, the best way to prepare for that career is flight training with ATP, which has a thirty year record of successfully training pilots to fly professionally.Want to fly for the airlines? Get there ahead of your competition by training with ATP.

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