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Published Dec 20, 2013 on Pilot Jobs

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The best part of my job at ATP is watching the pilots who come to us for training and job placement get the most from their training and achieve their career goals. I want to share a message I received today from just a pilot. He came to us after taking some time away from flying and wanted to get back into the aviation industry, which he has done in a big way. His story shows what is possible with a lot of heart and a little help: Paul, I hope you're doing well!! I wanted to give you an update on things. Just under a year ago I came to ATP in Jacksonville to get my airline career back on track. I had chosen to leave the airlines after September 11 when the industry was struggling and the hiring outlook was bleak. I entered corporate America and had a pleasant ten years doing the 9 to 5 thing, yet always looking skyward and missing the cockpit. Although I had experience as a 121 captain and check airman, my currency in turbine aircraft was over a decade old. I decided to enroll in the Regional Jet Orientation Program at the suggestion of an airline recruiter and got myself competitive for an interview and entry back into the Regional Airlines. I was shortly thereafter hired by GoJet. Training was certainly easier for me than some of my peers because of the knowledge I gained going through the ATP course. Your simulator training was almost identical to that at the airline and I was extremely well prepared. At the completion of training and IOE, I was based in Chicago and started flying the line. A few weeks after being in Chicago, a close friend of mine recommended I apply at Denver based Frontier Airlines. They are hiring First Officers to fly their fleet of Airbus 319's and 320's. I honestly didn't believe I would be considered but in early November I received a call from Frontier's HR department offering me an interview in December. I did an interview prep course, then flew to Colorado to give it my best shot. The day after the interview I received a call from the same lady in HR, this time offering me the job!! January 6, 2014 will be the day I start training to fly the Airbus. I'm excited to put it mildly!! I tell you all of this because I firmly believe it weren't for my decision to attend the ATP training my situation right now would look much different! The knowledge and confidence instilled in me during the ATP RJ course has paid dividends and set my career off and running faster than I could have ever dreamed! I would encourage anyone to make the investment in themselves and the courses you provide because the time is now and I'm walking proof that it works. From a corporate non-flying guy to a major airline in less than a year....absolutely amazing and I have ATP to thank!! Please use my story to encourage others to get in now, on what is likely to be the biggest pilot hiring wave in recent history. Many thanks again and gracious regards, Alan Bjorklund Raleigh, NC Alan is one of many pilots we have helped find great flying jobs through our hot new free recruiting resource Sign up today to catch the attention of recruiters from across the aviation industry.

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