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Published Apr 6, 2012 on Pilot Jobs

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ATP has earned an excellent reputation among aspiring commercial pilots who have attended training programs with them for helping those pilots get the flying jobs they have wanted to get. ATP’s Regional Jet Program is the final step in the programs designed to help pilots succeed. Many of RJ Program Graduates write to share their experiences in new hire training with me, as well as telling me about the benefits they have enjoyed from taking the RJ Program. John Scordato is one of those pilots and he wrote to me to tell me how his experiences in the RJ Program helped him and his training partner out-perform others in his class who didn’t take the opportunity to gain the advanced training that makes the difference between struggling through training and graduating at the top of your class. John’s letter to me: Mr. Templeton, I attended the RJ program on Aug 13th,2011 and I have recently completed IOE on the CRJ-700. I have to be honest; I would have been way behind if I did not have that RJ experience. It was extremely helpful and made my sim sessions and checkride go very smoothly. My sim partner in New-Hire training, as well as my sim partner at ATP, are on the CRJ now and we all agreed that it was a great investment by taking the RJ Program. Several new hire F/O's that did not attend the RJ course had numerous problems, proving that it was a tremendous help. Sincerely, John Scordato Pilots who have been pursuing a career in aviation spend a lot to get to where John was when eligible to work for the airlines, and like John they will have a lot riding on the outcome of his new-hire training. John is like many other pilots who took the opportunity to gain a tangible advantage by training in the RJ Program before attending training at his airline.

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