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Envoy Air

Hired 580+ ATP Grads

Corporate Operator

Hired 410+ ATP Grads


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SkyWest Airlines

Hired 360+ ATP Grads

Endeavor Air

Hired 310+ ATP Grads

Republic Airways

Hired 280+ ATP Grads

Mesa Airlines

Hired 220+ ATP Grads

PSA Airlines

Hired 210+ ATP Grads

Air Wisconsin

Hired 110+ ATP Grads

Compass Airlines

Hired 110+ ATP Grads


Hired 90+ ATP Grads


Hired 90+ ATP Grads

...And 57 More Airlines

Congratulations to these ATP graduates who have achieved the next step in their professional pilot careers. ATP is proud to have the highest ratio of airline placements to students of any flight school, aviation college, or flight academy.

Shown below are those graduates hired by airlines in 2011. Click here to return to the current list of graduates hired in the last 12 months.

Steven O'NeillATP Graduate

Sep 2010
Private Pilot & Airline Career Pilot Programs
May 2011
Instructed at the ATP TTN Training Center
Dec 2011
ExpressJet hired Steven 16 months after starting training with ATP.
  • $56,769Fixed Cost

  • 16 MonthsInitial Airline Placement

"I participated in the Fast Track private and ACPP program and have zero complaints what so ever. This is an extremely cost efficient program and ATP has got me to where I am today, A CFI!"


Daniel BosettiATP Graduate

Mar 2007
Airline Career Pilot Program
Mar 2009
Instructed at the ATP PFN Training Center
Jan 2010
Hired by CommutAir
Dec 2011
Compass Airlines hired Daniel 57 months after starting training with ATP.
  • $52,866Fixed Cost

  • 34 MonthsInitial Airline Placement

Tyler YurchevichATP Graduate

May 2009
Airline Career Pilot Program
Instructed at another flight school
Dec 2011
SkyWest Airlines hired Tyler 32 months after starting training with ATP.
  • $54,995Fixed Cost

  • 32 MonthsInitial Airline Placement

"I could not be more excited and would not be where I am today without the excellent training I received at ATP."